Edgar Wright Has His Next Project

Edgar Wright has found a new project to replace Ant-Man, and it is certainly not the type genre you would expect.

Not Available Lead
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Not Available Lead

Don’t worry everybody: Edgar Wright can still get work.

After his much-publicized departure from the production of Marvel’s Ant-Man, Wright has settled on a new film, and it’s another in the sci-fi genre and will once again delve into the world of insect-human relations. Rather than ants, though, this time he’ll be helming the adaptation of the popular YA novel Grasshopper Jungle.

The novel is a classic coming-of-age tale, following a young man and his friends as they grapple with the challenges of growing up. Only, there’s a twist: their predictable teenage mischief causes them to let a genetically engineered plague loose on society, creating an army of man-sized praying mantises that the boys must then fight.

It seems like something right up Wright’s alley, given his cinematic penchant for alien invasions and packs of men doing stupid things. Hopefully, he doesn’t have another falling out with the studio and we actually see this one get made.

[via Deadline]

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