Transgender 101: Everything You Need to Know About Gender Identity

How much do you really know about transgender people?

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Caitlyn Jenner may have brought worldwide attention to the transgender journey, but as a reality show superstar, she is obviously an outlier. The vast majority of the reported 700,000 transgender people in the United States are outside of the public eye and are just trying to live like anybody else—comfortable in their chosen gender identity and free to be who they are.

In the first of a three-part Complex original series, we spoke to five transgender women about the terms and facts you should know about transgenders, including what pronouns to use and what you should never say to a transgender person. Included in this video is noted trans advocate, Couples Therapy star, and model Carmen Carrera—who consulted on this piece—as well as transgender women Marisol, Alexia, Natalie, and Melina. 

Part two of this series focuses on the personal journeys of these transgender women, while the final video addresses the challenges of being in a transgender couple. Stay tuned for those videos this week.

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