ThatGameCompany Bundle Coming to PS3 This Summer

You'll be able to pick up "Flow", "Flower", and "Journey" on a single disc, possibly as soon as August.

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Journey developer ThatGameCompany confirmed today that a special disc-based edition of their latest game is on the way. Journey Collector's Edition will include all three of the PSN games TGC developed with Sony; Flow, Flower, and of course Journey.

Though the developer didn't disclose details on the upcoming bundle, both Gamefly and Play-Asia have pre-release listings that say the game will be available this August.

Since releasing Journey, ThatGameCompany has begun working on their first project as an independent developer, having completed a three-game partnership with Sony.

This will be the first time that any of ThatGameCompany's games will be released on a disc, so if you didn't pick them up because of a faulty internet connection you no longer have an excuse.

[Via Joystiq]

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