Buy It Now: Muji Wall Mounted CD Player

Muji's MoMA co-signed wall mounted CD player may give you a reason to buy CDs again.

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WHAT: Muji Wall Mounted CD Player

COMPARE TO: Nothing.

PRICE: $178

FUN FACT: The Muji CD player is now has a permanent spot in New York's Museum of Modern Art's (MoMA) store collection.

WHY COMPLEX IS CO-SIGNING IT: Yes, today's Buy It Now is a CD player. Yes, its a couple ducats shy of $200. No, it doesn't have a USB connection for your iPod. And no, we're not buggin'. We know MP3 players are the norm now and practically nobody buys CDs anymore, but for the few of you out there that still shill out $12 for a new CD, or find yourselves digging through your old CD booklets from time to time, this is for you. Muji's Wall Mounted CD Player is just that: a wall mountable one disc CD player. The speakers, as you can see, are built into the body, the simple volume and search controls are located up top. You won't find a "play" or "pause" button because to start and stop a CD you just pull the cable hanging down from the bottom of the player. It's deceptively loud; you wouldn't expect something as big as an external hard drive to able to fill a room with full sound, but it does. But that's not why we dig it so much. We like it because, well, just look at it. It's simplistic, industrial design looks like Steve Jobs commissioned it to be made. Instead, it was designed by Naoto Fukasawa, the guy that started what would become the design firm, IDEO, and has racked up over 50 design awards including the American IDEA Gold Award. Even if you only play one CD a month, having this on your wall will spark way more conversations than albums played. It's more than a gadget, it's a piece of art. Check out the other colorway and a full on shot below...

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