Watch Justine Skye Experience VR with Meta Quest 2

Watch Singer/Songwriter Justine Skye puts her skills to the test as she explores the world of virtual reality while using Meta Quest 2 headset.

The past two years have been challenging for everyone. Being in varying degrees of lockdown and social distancing, our ability to connect with one another has been challenging. Even though artists like Justine Skye have been able to share their feelings through music during the pandemic it’s a mostly one-way street. So when the singer/songwriter learned about the communities that exist within VR experiences like Beat Saber and Horizon Worlds, she was excited at the prospect of connecting with fans using Meta Quest 2.  

“What’s so great about the Meta Quest 2 is that it’s so simple,” Skye explains. “It’s interesting to know that there’s a whole universe within this one device.”

Beat Saber, for instance, is a VR rhythm game in which players slash the beats to the rhythm of their favorite songs while immersed in other virtual worlds. Hand-eye coordination is key as the beats come flying at you. Every beat indicates which saber you need to use and the direction you need to match.

Beat Saber is my absolute favorite game,” Skye says. “I can really move around it and I am physically in the game.”

Whether you’re familiar with the VR experience or you’re new to it like Skye, Meta Quest 2 can be an exciting opportunity to meet people virtually. Skye experienced that firsthand within Horizon Worlds, which is a VR social experience where users can explore, play, and create new worlds. The Brooklyn native took virtual selfies with others (which kind of blew her mind) and learned about the range of possibilities for users. The experience left her with some inspo for her next show.

“I got to experience Cloud Beach in Horizon Worlds, which was like a super-cool dance party experience and you can just vibe out there,” Skye says.

So if you’re curious about Meta Quest 2 and the more than 250 apps, check out Justine Skye’s experience in the video above for a glimpse into all VR has to offer.

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