The Army Helps the City of Houston to Unlock Its Potential With the Unlimit Expo

The Army invited the city of Houston to hang out with them for a day and see that signing up to serve isn't just about fighting on the frontlines.

Signing up for the Army isn’t just about fighting on the frontlines, it’s about unlimiting your potential and unlocking the possibilities for your future. To show this, the Army opened its doors to the Unlimit Expo, an event for everyone to discover what they’re into, find people with similar interests, and explore what they’re made of. It’s also an event  for the public to learn things about the Army that they never knew before.

Held inside the Silver Street Studios in Houston, Texas, the Unlimit Expo brought the Army to life through several unique experiences. This includes a signature “mess hall” aka a cafeteria, panels with active-duty Army Soldiers who have excelled outside of the military, health and wellness zones explaining the importance of mental and physical fitness, themed booths based Soldiers and their respective success stories, fashion and art spaces for attendees to explore, and plenty of games to collect Army merch. 

Entrepreneur, Creative Director, and Army medic L Cardenas hosted a candid conversation called Fact or Cap with four Army Soldiers. Together, they addressed and dispeled common myths about life in the Army, like whether or not the food is actually that bad. Complex’s Pierce Simpson sat down with Drill Sgt. Renieal Campbell, Sgt. Anthony Amos, and Lt. Colonel Beatriz Florez to discuss how they transformed their experiences in the Army into successful careers fueled in fashion, design, entrepreneurship, and community engagement. The panelists revealed some of the many lessons they’ve learned, and how it took the Army to teach them what they needed to know to get them where they are today. And trust us, they weren’t your typical stories.

Check out what you missed at the Army’s Unlimit Expo above, then visit to find out how to unlimit your potential.

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