Less than a month after they were arrested on disorderly conduct and harassment charges, Ezra Miller has been arrested for second-degree assault in Hawaii.

Variety reports the Flash star was taken into police custody early Tuesday morning following an incident at a private residence in Pāho. Miller allegedly threw a chair at a 26-year-old woman, which hit her and resulted in a half-inch cut on her forehead.

Miller was subsequently arrested around 1:30 a.m. during a traffic stop. The 29-year-old actor has since been released from jail, pending further investigation, the Hawaii Police Department said in a statement

Back in March, Miller was arrested on charges of disorderly conduct and harassment at a bar in Hilo, Hawaii. According to police, Miller allegedly yelled obscenities at other patrons who were doing karaoke.

Later that day, two individuals in Hilo filed for a temporary restraining order against Miller, claiming that the actor “burst into the bedroom of the petitioner(s).” Furthermore, the two alleged that Miller said “I will bury you and your slut wife” and also stole their personal items.

In yet another incident, Miller was caught on video being denied entry to a bar after allegedly being kicked out of another one nearby.

Earlier this month, in the wake of Miller’s string of run-ins with law enforcement, Warner Bros. and DC executives held what Rolling Stone described as an “emergency” meeting about the actor.

According to Rolling Stone’s report, the studio decided to pause development on all future projects involving Miller, citing “frequent meltdowns” while shooting The Flash, allegedly “losing it” while on set.