'Guardians of the Galaxy 2' Will Be About 'Family and Fathers' Director Says

Will Star-Lord get to meet his dad in Guardians 2?

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Marvel's most successful yet most outlandish movie, Guardians of the Galaxy, didn't even hit theaters before the studio announced its plans for a sequel. The subsequent success of Guardians had fans yearning for more info about the next movie. Director James Gunn was at the premiere of Avengers: Age of Ultron last night when he told Vulture about his plans for the upcoming sequel.

"There's a lot of stuff I'm excited about in the new movie," he said. "Listen, I'm still excited about Star-Lord's character and where he goes. At its heart, Guardians is a story about families, and if the first film was about him and his mother, this is a story about fathers. So it's exciting to go there."

Will Star-Lord get to meet his dad in Guardians 2? Gunn didn't spill the beans, but he said he always knew what the story would be for the second movie, "and the third one!" The movie is apart of ‘Phase 3′ of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and is planned to debut in May 2017.


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