Appleton Estate Rum is all about bringing people together with its creative, flavorful libations, while celebrating its deeply-rooted Jamaican heritage. With drinks that seduce the senses and inspire the soul, the 265-year-old brand embraces being a rum unlike any other. To experience the sensation behind Appleton Estate Rum is one thing, but indulging in its flavors while consuming the perfect food pairings is an experience all its own.

After relaunching its packaging and introducing the new Appleton Estate 8 Year Old Reserve earlier this spring, the rum company extended the celebration through the release of its #AppletonAppreciation program. The initiative partnered Appleton Estate Rum with the most talented Caribbean-American chefs in the world to mix a few iconic cocktails to sip on while savoring a mouthwatering dish unique to his or her culture. #AppletonAppreciation kicked off in July with Chef Omar Walters of New York City’s Omar’s Kitchen and ran through December, spotlighting several other chefs all the way. These talented chefs worked with Appleton Estate Rum to seed various influencers across the New York and Miami areas with a basket full of delectable goodness and a recipe for a perfectly-paired beverage to savor the taste.

Recognizing that Caribbean communities are never known to celebrate alone, Appleton Estate Rum’s #AppletonAppreciation program is a way to bring people together and applaud their efforts in making it through the year. 

To close out 2020, Appleton Estate Rum partnered with Chef Sam Davis-Allonce, a Jamaican-American, private chef who’s known for her line of Hot N Saucy Hot Sauce made in Harlem. To show off her skills, Sam mixed Joy’s Iced Matcha Latte—named after Master Distiller Joy Spence—and made with coconut milk, maple syrup, whole vanilla bean, and, of course, some Appleton Estate Rum. She then whipped up a plate of golden curry crab with cassava salad, corn pie, and caramelized raisin pound cake. And for the vegetarians out there, Sam also put together a plate of sweet plantain and collards pastelon with cassava salad and corn pie. If that doesn’t inspire you to get up and run to the kitchen, then we need to talk.

Appleton Estate Rum Sam Mixing
Image via Karston Tannis

When Chef Omar stepped into the kitchen in July, he was inspired by his Jamaican roots and Caribbean travel to show food connoisseurs how to prepare mango ginger BBQ chicken with honey plantains, asparagus, and rice while instructing them on how to make a smooth Jamaican Mule. 

Chef Brittney “Stikxz” Williams continued Appleton Estate Rum’s food-inspired journey in August by using her Jamaican background to influence in a little seafood delight. Chef Stikxz cooked up a nice lobster and shrimp coconut curry with jasmine rice and broccolini alongside a delicious Estate Daiquiri. Like Chef Sam Davis-Allonce, Stikxz also whipped up a vegetarian dish that substitutes lobster and shrimp with roasted cauliflower steak.

Chef Demetrius “Chef D” Newton took over the brand’s September celebration by mixing a unique 8 Year Old Epic cocktail, which features the new 8 Year Old Reserve and coconut water. His Jamaican heritage then seeped through the flavors of a grilled jerk salmon and jumbo shrimp in a sweet chili ginger tamarind sauce with callaloo mashed potatoes and sauteed asparagus.

Appleton Estate Rum Matcha
Image via Karston Tannis

Chef Marlon Facey exhibits his Caribbean influences in all of his cooking. He helped Appleton Estate Rum welcome the fall with a Brown Sugar Old Fashioned. Chef Facey then showed off his skills in the kitchen with a delicious plate of allspice herb crusted lamb chops with Scotch Bonnet Honey Tzatziki Sauce served with curried rice pilaf and roasted pumpkin medley. 

In November, Chef Omar Walters did his thing once again, this time serving up a pan-seared skirt steak with cinnamon apple chimichurri sauce along with seafood rice and peas, pimento string beans, and diced jackfruit. To keep warm while in the kitchen, Chef Omar also prepared a flavorful Hot Appleton Cider. 

If you’re in need of a new way to connect and relax while you’re stuck indoors this season, check out the recipe below for an Estate Daiquiri below.

Appleton Estate Rum Daiquiri
Recipe from Appleton Estate Rum