Terry Crews found himself in hot water following a Sunday tweet in which he wrote about "black supremacy."

In the tweet, Crews said that in order to defeat white supremacy, both black and white people must unite, and if not, they risk creating "black supremacy."

Crews' use of the controversial term caused many on social media to point out that black supremacy isn't actually a valid ideology, and as Screen Rant points out, it "plays into the dangerous and false narrative that black rioting has gotten out of control."

This isn't the first time Crews has made questionable comments in regards to race. Back in January, Crews basically discredited Gabrielle Union's claims of experiencing discrimination during her run on America's Got Talent by saying that he personally never experienced any of the things she was describing. He would later apologize.

You can see what others had to say about Crews' "black supremacy" remarks down below.