For DC comic book fans everywhere, the original "Snyder Cut" of the DC movie Justice League is almost like an urban legend. Well, it appears the long lost version might finally be released to the public, with rumors swirling following Zack Snyder announcing that he plans to do a watch party for his 2013 DC film Man of Steel and answer some fans questions as well.

Both DC fans and actors alike have been demanding for the fabled "Snyder Cut" to be released for, literally, years now. So it can go without saying that this news set the DC rumor mill ablaze.

For the uninitiated,  the "Snyder Cut" refers to the original version of the Justice League that director Zack Snyder oversaw before he had to leave the project due to the tragic passing of his daughter, Autumn, in May of 2017. Avengers: Age of Ultron director Joss Whedon would take over the project and deliver the finished product that hit theaters. The final version of Justice League wasn't received the way DC would have liked, to put it gently. This is what has led fans to plead with Snyder for years now to release the version he completed.

The Q&A that will follow the Man of Steel watch party hasn't happened yet, but DC fans across the globe will be watching and waiting with bated breath for any new info that comes from Zack Snyder.

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