Kendall Jenner has been hit with a $150,000 lawsuit over an Instagram post that featured a video of herself, The Blast reports. New York-based photographer Angela Ma, who filmed the brief clip in question, is suing Jenner and her company Kendall Jenner Inc. for copyright infringement. Ma said she took the video while Jenner visited New York City, and she was not consulted over using the clip.

Court documents obtained by Complex reveal that Ma had registered the clip, which was posted on Sept. 12, 2019, with the U.S. Copyright Office. The complaint alleges that Jenner infringed upon Ma's copyright intentionally, "in disregard of and indifference to Plaintiff's rights." Additionally, she is seeking Jenner's profits from the video.

Jenner's case is the latest in a long line of Instagram post-based lawsuits, with LeBron James getting hit with a similar lawsuit back in March. Photographer Steve Mitchell took a photo of James dunking, which he subsequently shared on social media, after which copyright attorney Richard Liebowitz filed a lawsuit on Mitchell's behalf. Jennifer Lopez and her production company Nuyorican Productions also got hit with an accusation of copyright infringement by New York photographer Steve Sands last month. In both cases, the plantiffs are seeking damages of up to $150,000.