MTV has just shared a first look at its new docu-series Ghosted: Love Gone Missing. And it's already generated backlash.

The Catfish-style show is hosted by The Bachelorette star Rachel Lindsay and recording artist Travis Mills, who help distraught individuals track down and confront the people who "ghosted" them. As most of you know, "ghosting" is a common tactic used to end a relationship—typically of the romantic variety—by abruptly ignoring or cutting off all communication without explanation. The hosts are tasked with investigating situations and following "every lead to track down the 'ghost,'" who will then go face-to-face with the person he/she hurt. 

"Have you ever been ghosted? Totally left in the dark by someone you care about? No text. No DMs. Nothing," Mills says in the first-look.

Though the clip suggests there will be a lot of suspensful, shocking, and messy moments, not everyone is intrigued. In fact, many people have criticized the series' over all premise, as it appears to promote harassment and stalking. 

You can check out the Ghosted first-look above. The docu-series will premiere with back-to-back episodes at 9 p.m. ET Sept. 10 on MTV.