The circular nature of fashion trends is on full display in the latest batch of Stranger Things, which sees Jim Hopper (David Harbour) undergo a bit of a Magnum, P.I.-inspired overhaul in the spirit of saving the fictional Indiana town of Hawkins.

The hit '80s crime drama starring Tom Selleck provides Hopper with the inspiration needed to go for what he adamantly describes in one episode as a "cutting edge" look, complete with a gun tucked into the back waist of his jeans.

'80s fashion enthusiasts, of course, could also link elements of the overall fashion vibes of Stranger Things Season 3 to other era TV staples like Miami Vice, though the Magnum aesthetic is clearly Hopper's main encouragement toward a less cop-ish wardrobe.

Naturally, Stranger Things fans are fucking loving this returned aesthetic, with many expressing understandable plans to give themselves a similar makeover in the coming summer months. Join them in such aspirations below:

In an interview with Uproxx that dropped earlier this week, Harbour was asked about Hopper's Season 3 looks, with the actor noting it's "so ridiculous" that the character is now an arguable style icon and joking (?) that Hot Topic would surely be releasing the shirt in question this summer.

"It was funny, we discussed that early on," Harbour, whose Frankenstein's Monster's Monster, Frankenstein hits Netflix July 16, said. "Then when the scripts came out I talked with the costume designer [Amy Parris] a lot. We had basically three shirts that we narrowed it down to. I was sort of going to go with this electric blue one that had these flowers on it and my girlfriend swept in and was like, 'That's the one, the white one.' She was right, it's so great."