The billion-dollar mark has been surpassed by Spider-Man: Far From Home, the critically lauded sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming.

This box office milestone, per The Hollywood Reporter, makes this the first Spidey franchise entry to join the billion-dollar global box office club (not adjusted for inflation). Additionally, Far From Home is the second Sony-backed movie to hit $1 billion, with Skyfall having hit the mark back in 2012.

THR's estimates, as of Thursday, place Far From Home—now the 40th movie to ever surpass $1 billion—at approximately $672 million overseas and $333 million stateside. As math tells us, that's roughly $1.005 billion total.

"I feel like the Russo brothers teed us up for a really exciting film and Jon Watts knocked it out the park," star Tom Holland, who's now portrayed Spidey/Peter Parker in more movies than any other actor, told Uproxx last month of following up the tears-inducing events of Endgame. "I'm just really excited and proud to see it, because I feel like we're giving the fans an opportunity to grieve through Peter Parker."

A sequel to Far From Home, now clearly the biggest Spidey movie in history, is in development. No pressure or anything.