Director: n/a
Starring: Mahershala Ali
Release date: n/a

As if all of this news wasn’t enough, Kevin Feige pulled a Steve Jobs on everyone in attendance. After saying he didn’t have time to talk about the Fantastic Four or “mutants," he said he did have one more thing. Enter: Mahershala Ali. Enter: Blade. That’s right, the two-time Academy Award-winning actor was officially announced as the MCU’s version of the Daywalker. 

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Ali finessed his clout from winning two Oscars in two years to tie up a role that wasn’t seemingly even on Marvel’s radar yet. That’s probably the main reason why there isn’t a director or writer attached yet (though we have a few suggestions). Regardless, it made for a legitimately surprising, holy SHIT moment that proves Marvel is still capable of shocking and surprising us.

The biggest takeaway from Marvel’s Hall H presentation is that it’s betting big on fans committing to wanting to check out stories on Disney+ and in the theaters while finding new ways to innovate and pushing diversity and inclusion forward. The possibility of real LGBT characters, alongside a diverse cast of behind-the-camera talent (two females directors, three directors of color) is a breath of fresh air in a universe that will see its total film count come astoundingly close to hitting 30 by the end of 2021. If this year’s Hall H confirmed anything it’s that this is absolutely Marvel’s world (galaxy?) now. We’re just living in it.