Everyone's favorite Shakespearean meth drama has already been confirmed to be returning to its Jesse Pinkman roots with an AMC/Netflix team-up. What's not been confirmed, however, is the involvement of Aaron Paul's original series co-star and Heisenberg Googling booster Bryan Cranston.

In the second such tease in as many weeks, both stars have again shared the exact same post and caption to their respective social media presences. The message this time, however, is even more promising: "Even sooner."

Someone, anyone, please tell the world exactly what the fuck this all means.

Late last month, the two pulled a similar move, sans literal photos of themselves. The accompanying message then read, simply, "Soon." So, whatever these two are teasing (and, it's worth noting, Cranston has recently solo-teased Heisenberg's return) is certainly on the horizon.

Original series creator Vince Gilligan, who ultimately gave AMC another juggernaut with the acclaimed BrBa universe-expander Better Call Saul, wrote the script for what’s been roundly described as a sequel set for a joint AMC/Netflix release.

Presumably, the feature-length continuation—or whatever form it ends up taking—will follow Jesse Pinkman as he navigates life beyond the events of the BrBa series finale. This would leave the door open for Walter White to pop in via flashbacks, or—given that art has no limits—maybe Walt will be brought back from the dead a la Mr. Christ.

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