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Without over-the-top special effects, superhero movies would still be stuck in the Dark Ages (see: the '90s). But that doesn't mean that their over(?)usage saves the stars in those films from having to do any work. In fact, quite the contrary, as shown by this brief 15-seconds of pre-doctored footage from Captain America: Winter Soldier.

The footage was uploaded to the Marvel Studios subreddit and shows Chris Evans (the first title guy) and maybe(?) Sebastian Stan (the second title guy) engaging in some CQC with one another.

There appears to be some discussion over whether or not the Winter Soldier on-screen is Stan or his stunt double, James Young, but the choreography is on-point either way. As noted by, Stan did learn how to pull off the knife flip from the footage but the face covering leaves it up to your best guess.

"They generally avoid having two actors fight each other because of safety. Stan can probably do almost every move his stunt double can, but they don't want him fighting Evans directly because a stunt double is less likely to make a mistake that could get Evans hurt. A stunt double can also sell punches and hits way better than an actor can," said Redditor netaebworb, who presumably knows what he's talking about.

Pretty cool all around. Here's hoping people upload more of these.

There sure as hell are a lot to choose from at this point.