“Catch flights not feelings” seems to be a maxim of 2018. But still, not everyone has trust funds they can dip into or vacation homes to get away to. Thankfully, though, with the proper foresight and planning, traveling can become one of the most powerful investments and personal luxuries you can create for yourself, no matter your celebrity status.

Of course, exploring the great unknown is not all wanderlust and Good Vibes Only—with long TSA lines, delays, lost baggage, safety concerns, and financial worries, it’s no wonder many people forgo ever leaving home in the first place. There are serious anxieties and stressors involved if you’re not a part of the leisure class; however, research shows that traveling can be beneficial to mental wellness and even lead to more sex, weight loss, and feeling younger.

While it’s important to take initiative and get outside your bubble, it’s equally as vital to protect your physical and digital safety when traveling. Thankfully, this list covers it all, so you can flex smartly and safely. So whether you want to take a train to a sleepy city or have a wild travel adventure, let these tips be your canon. Get in, loser, we’re voyaging!