In case you haven't made it through your annual October screening of Mary Lambert's 1989 adaptation of the Stephen King classic Pet Sematary, let the new trailer for the latest take on the terrifying pets-coming-back-to-life tale remind you to do so. Or better yet, just wait for this one to drop.

"It may be just some crazy folk tale, but there is something in those woods, something that brings things back," John Lithgow's Jud Crandall says in this glimpse at the remake before letting loose a familiar line, albeit sans crucial Maine accent: "Sometimes dead is better."

The new adaptation, out next April, comes from directors Kevin Kölsch and Dennis Widmyer. Jason Clarke, Amy Seimetz, and Jeté Laurence also star.

Catch the trailer up top.

Image via Paramount

King hype (and, as a result, the bar for adaptations) is at an arguable all-time high right now thanks to the mastery of last year's Andy Muschietti-directed It. In fact, Andy and Barbara Muschietti have long expressed interest in handling Pet Sematary remake duties themselves. "My affection for Pet Sematary will go on until I die," Andy told Entertainment Weekly last year. "I will always dream about the possibility of making a movie."

It: Chapter Two also arrives in 2019, with a Sept. 9 release date.

For the new Pet, as Widmyer explained to Collider during an on-set visit earlier this year, there was a conscious decision to avoid casting "traditional" movie stars in an effort to keep the focus on King's story. "You want people who sort of bleed into the story and feel very organic," he said.

We'll see the fruits of that decision April 5, 2019.