We've just received a message for all the petulant lames who think Netflix isn't still miles ahead of the streaming (and traditional TV) competition: You're so, so wrong.

According to a new survey of 3,100 U.S. residents conducted by Morgan Stanley and AlphaWise, 39 percent of viewers believe Netflix boasts the "best original programming" among premium TV networks and streaming. In fact, the number of viewers who cited Netflix as the best in original programming has steadily increased year after year since 2014.

Additional findings in the survey, as excerpted by Business Insider, show that more than half of participants said they subscribed to Netflix for the quality originals. Furthermore, Netflix is close to securing a lockdown on the coveted 18-29 demographic. As of this year, an estimated 70 percent of people who fall into that age group are routinely Netflixing.

Ted Sarandos, Netflix's chief content officer, told shareholders last month that their recent hit original 13 Reasons Why was "probably" the most-watched show on the planet in 2017. That boast arrived after the company's market cap boomed to $146 billion, i.e. only a few billion shy of longtime giants like Disney.

2018 is a particularly stacked year on the Netflix originals front. In addition to the debut of new series including Lost in Space and The End of the Fucking World, this year will see the unveiling of the Ben Stiller–produced Eggplant Emoji movie. Thankfully, the film has literally nothing to do with last year's atrocious Emoji Movie. Instead, Eggplant Emoji centers on the timeless tale of a severed penis.