Last week, Eliza Dushku accused famed stunt coordinator Joel Kramer of sexually assaulting her when she was filming the 1994 thriller True Lies at age 12. Now, two women are coming forward to add to the allegations against Kramer.

Deadline reports that the two accusers, whose names have not been revealed, include a woman who says she met Kramer when she was in 10th grade while working on the set of 1999's Virus and another woman who says that over 30 years ago, Kramer forced her to perform oral sex on him.

Tom Arnold and Arnold Schwarzenegger, who starred in the film with a young Dushku, joined other cast members in support of the Bring It On actress.

"I promise you @JimCameron @Schwarzenegger @jamieleecurtis would've done something too. We all love & are proud of @elizadushku #metoo," read Tom Arnold's tweet. It didn't take long for "The Terminator" to respond either.

"Tom, you bet your ass all of us would have done something," tweeted Schwarzenegger. "I’m shocked and saddened for Eliza but I am also proud of her—beyond being a great talent and an amazing woman, she is so courageous."

James Cameron, who directed the film, and Jamie Lee Curtis, who co-starred in True Lies as Dushku's mom, also voiced their support for the actress.

"Had I known about it there would have been no mercy," said Cameron at a press conference. Curtis, who said Dushku confided in her about the allegation years ago, was "shocked and saddened then" and continues to feel that way. But, now she's calling on us to look at the monster in the room. "Eliza’s story has now awakened us from our denial slumber to a new, horrific reality," she wrote. "The abuse of children."

Eliza has since thanked her supporters and the two women who came forward with their stories.

"My heart goes out to the women who came forward today & to everyone here who has shared their powerful stories in recent days," read her Facebook post. "Thank you for your bravery. We will walk through this in strength. And, from the deepest parts of my heart, thank you all for your unbelievable support."

Kramer has since denied Dushku's allegations and called them "outlandish, manipulated lies."