In theaters today is Den of Thieves, the brand-new flick starring 50 Cent, Pablo Schreiber​, Gerard Butler, and O'Shea Jackson. The film had a strong Thursday night box office, and should be a treat for anyone looking for an action-packed heist film this weekend.

In case you missed the Den of Thieves trailer, know that this squad is looking to take out the FEDERAL RESERVE. Shit's really going down. Today, we hit you with Complex News' Jinx interview with this fearsome foursome, who appear to have had just as much fun making this film as they are promoting it.

During their conversation, the squad not only gets into what they love about the film, but they get into their training for the feature. Well, not all of them; O'Shea kept it real with what he (didn't) do to prepare.

Check out our full interview with the cast of Den of Thieves up above.