If you're Bill Cosby, an old-ass "blind" man who's a revered comedian and sitcom star with decades of sexual assault and harassment allegations being lobbed at him, the last thing you'd want to do in 2018 is make someone align you with the #MeToo movement? I mean, that was created specifically to call out the kind of harassment and abuse that Cosby is alleged of engaging in by nearly 60 women...right? Guess what he made light of?

Well, the #MeToo movement. Philadelphia's The Inquirer reports that Cosby flew to Philadelphia, where he grew up, to meet an old friend at Ristorante La Veranda in Old City for some penne and other delicious Italian eats. The restaurant was said to have been mostly empty, aside from Cosby, his squad, his friend...and a bunch of reporters and other media types, who were invited to take the situation in.

Shit got real hairy when, at one point (which doesn't appear to have been caught on camera), he shook the hand of one woman who was reporting on the awkward ordeal and said "Please, don't put me in MeToo."

"pLEaSe, dON't pUt Me iN MeTo" head ass.

Cosby, you are the fucking REASON movements like #MeToo exist. I don't care about you not being convicted in a court of law (although he does have a retrial in the case of Andrea Constand coming in April) yet, but hell, survivors like Constand are part of the reason many feel strong enough to share their own stories.

These are the kinds of situations where it'd behoove Cosby to take a spoonful of shut-the-fuck-up.