Jeffrey Tambor’s exit from the Amazon series Transparent amidst multiple sexual assault allegations may not be happening. 

Contrary to a previous statement he had made, Tambor, who plays the show’s central character, may possibly not be leaving Transparent anytime in the near future. The somewhat surprising development came about as part of a New York Times story about the show and the allegations Tambor is facing. Apparently, the actor’s reps say he has no plans to quit.

Tambor had previously said that "Given the the politicized​ atmosphere that seems to have afflicted our set, I don’t see how I can return to Transparent." But if his rep is not mistaken, it seems as though the actor has found a way to keep his job on the widely acclaimed series.

Whether or not Transparent’s fifth season includes Maura Pfefferman​ (Tambor’s character), the back-and-forth is a little concerning for what it could mean for other powerful men facing similar allegations. If a swift mea culpa and a brief timeout is enough to get Tambor back his job, it doesn’t bode well for victims or our chances of ending this cultural epidemic. An investigation by Amazon Studios is currently underway. 


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