With season 2 of Insecure owning the social media conversation, it was interesting to see how the timeline would react to scenes like the sixth episode, "Hella Blows." In it, Issa takes some of the, ahem, oral sex knowledge she learned at a sexpo and uses it with on-again, off-again bae Daniel. As you can see in the image up above, he gets a little excited, and she ends up catching an eyeful.

During Vulture Festival L.A., Issa Rae held a special "Wine Down" that featured her speaking on the fan favorite HBO series and, well, that scene. A scene which actually couldn't have happened just a few years ago. "Wine Down" moderator E. Alex Jung says that Girls got rejected when they tried to put a cum shot on HBO, but as Rae explained, HBO was a-OK with them getting a cum shot off.

"When we met with HBO, we mentioned a cum-shot scene and they said, 'You’re just in time!'" Rae said. "We couldn’t do that with Girls but now we can! Cum for everybody!"

Issa also said that the actual "cum" was just pina colada mix, which she said was "good," even though they had to take the pineapple out (she's allergic).

For anyone who was enamored with Due North, the slavery parody series that was the "show-in-a-show" during season 2 of Insecure, Issa also spoke on how that series came to be. Basically, it started with two Insecure writers (a white guy, Ben Dougan, and a black woman, Dayna Lynne North), and how they pretended that the two of them had an affair.

"He’s married. Then someone came up with the name: Dougan — Due — and her last name is North — Due North," Issa remembered. "And we were like, Oh, forbidden love affair. Then it just turned into, we should make this a slave show. And it just grew from there. We made a logo, which is a heart with chains. Then Natasha Rothwell, who plays Kelli on the show, and Ben Cory Jones wrote the episodes."

Surprising enough, Rothwell reportedly wrote 30 pages for Due North, which amounted to something like eight-to-ten episodes. Maybe we can see more of Due North in season 3?

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