When you take a five-year creative sabbatical, sometimes the return brings with it an overabundance of new ideas. Such was the case when Larry David sat down with his collaborators to plot Curb Your Enthusiasm season nine. The end result is a new season that boasts some of the longest running episodes the series has ever seen. L.D. didn't just come back recharged, he has a surplus of material from full-on situations to brief one-and-done gags that he wants to play with.

It's left some of the episodes feeling a bit too busy despite still being hilarious. And in some cases, he's had to cut full scenes. This one deleted scene, in particular, is from last night's episode shows Larry proving to Jeff that he is indeed Rain Man when it comes to water, "Larry David, Aquaphile" if you will. The scene was more than likely intended to come after Larry was kicked out Funkhouser's new girlfriend's house for asking why she doesn't have a filter for her nasty tap water. Would you be able to beat L.D. in a water taste test?