Illustrations via Aaron Dana.

Buchanan’s Whisky continues to celebrate the greatness and diversity of the Latino community, and the positive influence Latinos have on mainstream American culture, through its “Es Nuestro Momento” campaign. To bring the spirit of the campaign to life, Buchanan’s has partnered with global pop icon J Balvin, as someone who is a catalyst of Hispanic culture.

Though many people try to define us, Latinx people resist easy classification. The community’s racial, geographic, and cultural diversity mean that, while Latinos share similarities, we also celebrate differences. At no time in American (and global) culture has there been such a visible crop of diverse Latinos complicating the idea of what it means to be a part of the gente. From the world of sports, to the rap game and Hollywood, Latinos have taken the reins of telling their own stories and challenging people’s ideas of what it means to be Latino. We’ve assembled just a few people who have brought their unique version of Latino culture to the zeitgeist this year.