Saturday Night Live has returned for a 43rd season, and is being hosted by everyone's favorite pretty boy Ryan Gosling alongside no one other than Jay Z, NBD.

In the promo for season premiere on Sept. 30, the camera pans over the city streets of New York as Ryan Gosling announces his return as the show's host while Jay Z's "Caught Their Eyes" plays in the background. 

This isn't Gosling's first run as an SNL host. Back in 2015, Gosling hosted the Christmas special of the show. During his opening monologue, Gosling shed light on his Canadian background before being joined on stage by legendary comedian Mike Meyers to give the show's audience a little Canadian Christmas song and dance. 

However as the most recent SNL promo suggests, Gosling isn't done with SNL appearances. “This time, I’m going got give the world my soul,” he whispers. “Something they will never…ever forget.”

In Ryan's opening monologue this time around he constantly reminded the SNL audience how he single-handedly saved jazz with La La Land. It got so ridiculous that cast member Kenan Thompson had to interrupt his monologue to make sure he was OK. Even after that, Ryan kept talking about how he saved jazz, prompting a surprise cameo by his La La Land co-star Emma Stone. She ended up agreeing with Ryan, saying that "we saved jazz." You can watch the whole thing above.