The season finale of Game of Thrones aired on Sunday,  and everyone and their mother has an opinion on that episode and the season in general. But in a post-credits title card during its Sunday episode, it looked like Rick and Morty made a particularly savage joke at the expense of the writing on Game of Thrones

Many have criticized D. B. Weiss and David Weiss, the show runners behind Game of Thrones, for what felt like hurried and sloppy writing during season 7, effectively robbing audiences of what once made the show so addictive. Nevertheless, the dig at the end of the Rick and Morty episode seemed particularly harsh, and creator Dan Harmon took to Instagram on Wednesday to respond to the situation.


A post shared by Dan Harmon (@danharmon) on Aug 30, 2017 at 4:06pm PDT

The TL;DR version is that Harmon claims he did not, in fact, have anything to do with that card. He called it "a lazy craftless jab at the writing on my favorite show" and went as far as to blame a poor intern for slipping it in. Harmon also notes that dissing such a huge show like Game of Thrones would have negative consequences for him (and not the intern), so it's not something he would want to do anyway. 

"Hey man, wasn’t me, I just work on Rick And Morty and love the Thrones, sorry if that anonymous unearned snark bummed you out but I’m the one that has to spend the next TV Guide Showrunner’s Dinner checking his vodka for Essence of Nightshade," Harmon concluded at the end of his Instagram statement.