With the new Game of Thrones season in full swing, dedicated fans have noticed a small detail in a recent episode that may hold the key to the rest of the series. 

Since Jon Snow was away meeting Daenerys Targaryen during the third episode of season seven, Sansa Stark was left in charge at Winterfell. As Sansa questioned Maester Wolkan about the remaining food for the upcoming winter with Littlefinger standing by her side, the conversation switched over to longest winter over the past century. "I'm not entirely certain," Wolkan replied. "I'll check Maester Luwin's records, he kept a copy of every raven's scroll." 

Wolkan's response causes Littlefinger to do a noticeable double take, suggesting that he has something to hide. And what is that? Some GoT diehards believe a scroll may exist that connects Littlefinger to the Valryian steel dagger used in an assassination attempt on Bran Stark while he was in a coma back in season one. 

While Stark's mother Catelyn was able to fend off the assassin, the same dagger appears in Littlefinger's hands when he puts it to Ned Stark's neck after betraying him later in that same season. 

Now that Bran is in Winterfell, and Arya Stark (who has more than her share of things to be mad at Littlefinger for) appears to be nearby, judging from the brief shot of her riding a horse surrounded by the wintry terrain at the 22-second mark in the upcoming trailer above, it appears that Littlefinger's comeuppance could be on the horizon. 

People are also pointing to a promotional photo of Arya carrying the dagger in an early June issue of Entertainment Weekly.

It's also very interesting that the very next shot from that same trailer is Sansa pouring over some scrolls. Make sure you tune in this Sunday.