In theaters nationwide today is It Comes At Night, the second full-length feature from director Trey Edward Shults, who gained critical acclaim for his 2014 debut Krisha. Earlier this week, Shults and It Comes At Night star Kelvin Harrison Jr. took a seat on the Keeping Up With Kulture couch to talk the atypical A24 horror feature.

When it comes to the ideation of It Comes At Night, Shults says he "was in a very dark place" with his state of mind, and his relationship with his father, who battled addiction (and was the basis for Krisha), helped form the nucleus for It Comes At Night; he says the writing process for It Comes At Night began about the two months after his father passed away. Shults says the creation of this film was his way of "processing grief."

Throughout the interview (which is as spoiler-free as possible), they touched on what makes the It Comes At Night so unique, from the amazing dog that you see in the trailer to Kelvin's character Travis and his creepy visits to the attic to why the script isn't expanded past the conflict within these families as opposed to going into the world around them. "For this particular story," Shults says, "it was the people and them in this microcosm of this house and these two tribes, and these two families forced into that, is what was more exciting than exploring the world."

"That being said, I cannot do another single-house movie," Shults confirms.

Check out the full 25-minute interview up above, and if you want a horror film that delves more into paranoia than out-and-out terror, It Comes At Night hits theaters today (June 9).