Jordan Peele, the new king of horror, joined Seth Meyers on Late Night Monday in promotion of his (seriously excellent) directorial debut Get Out. The chat was mostly horror-free, with only a brief exchange on the topic of babies temporarily derailing the hilarity. Meyers even managed to convince Peele to revive his celebrated impression of former POTUS Barack Obama in the spirit of, you know, helping us cope with the nonstop bullshit.

"Key & Peele had the perfect, I felt like, the perfect ending," Meyers told Peele Monday. One thing Meyers (and everyone!) has missed since Key & Peele peaced out is that hilarious POTUS impression, a performance Meyers said set the standard for comedic Obama depictions. "Would you do me the honor of just a little bit of what Barack Obama would be thinking right now about everything that's going on?" Meyers pleaded.

"He's on vacation, right?" Peele said. "He's gotta be watching, like, TV with, I'm sure, like whisky in his hands." Graciously, Peele then launched into a brief impression of a drunken Obama watching the new administration deliver its daily supply of Trumpism on TV.

Get Out has earned virtually unanimous praise from critics and audiences alike, with the Blumhouse production currently coasting on a hella rare 100 percent Rotten Tomatoes average. Talking to Meyers Monday, Peele confirmed the film was very much not autobiographical. "I can guarantee you that," Peele, who's married to Chelsea Peretti, said. "If I was on television, I would have to actually stick by that story. But, no, I wrote this before I met [Peretti] and her family. Her family's very lovely. This is based on more, like, the African American experience in this country at large."

Skip work or school or whatever and go see Get Out today instead.