How does peeping a 17-second glimpse of Spider-Man: Homecoming on an otherwise crappy Wednesday morning sound? Sounds great, right? Tom Holland, our new Spidey, shared a new teaser and promised that a full (i.e. not 17 seconds long) trailer is coming Thursday:

Holland, chatting up his new Spidey duties with the Hollywood Reporter last month, said this latest take on the Peter Parker story takes a different angle than previous incarnations. "You've seen the billionaire, the scientist, the soldier," Holland said. "Now it's time to see the kid. And every decision we make on set is based off how would a kid react in this situation, so every fight scene we have is designed in a way that's almost child-friendly, so he never actually punches anyone. It's all done kind of by accident. I think the biggest difference is his youth and innocence." So, um, new Spidey's punches never connect?

Jon Watts' film also boasts a diversely star-studded cast, a fact that may very well end up revolutionizing superhero movies. In addition to Holland and Robert De Niro, Spider-Man: Homecoming stars Zendaya, Michael Keaton, Donald Glover, Marisa Tomei, Hannibal Buress, and Laura Harrier. "It's been really fun to just look for things that none of the other Spider-Man movies have really explored before, and decide if that's something we want to work into that," Watts told the Daily Beast this summer.

Spider-Man: Homecoming hits theaters July 7, 2017.