Just minutes after reports surfaced that Donald Trump had called Lil Jon an "Uncle Tom" while filming All-Star Celebrity Apprentice in 2012, Lil Jon took to Twitter to give his recollection of what happened.

The rapper/producer/DJ confirmed that Trump had used that term and, as per the original story, that Trump, then in his mid-60's, didn't realize that it was offensive.

"[S]everal of my castmates and I addressed Mr. Trump immediately when we heard the comment," Lil Jon wrote. "I can't say if he knew what he was saying or not, but he did stop using that term once we explained it's [sic] offensiveness."

Jon continued, saying that he disliked much of what his former TV boss had been saying on the campaign trail.

"I don't agree with many of the statements Mr. Trump has said during his current run for President," Jon said.

You can see Lil Jon's complete statement below.


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