The future looks bleak for mutants in the first trailer for James Mangold’s hugely anticipated Wolverine standalone Logan. Hugh Jackman returns for what might be his swan song as the quintessential Marvel hero, but this isn’t the Wolverine we’ve seen in past X-Men movies.

Here, Logan is older, weathered, and bruised. He’s hiding out in the desert with his old friend and mentor Professor X, played by Patrick Stewart, who has finally come to reclaim the role from James McAvoy. “Charles, the world is not the same as it was,” Logan tells his friend. “Mutants — they’re gone now.” Not so fast. When a young girl arrives who may be a miniature version of Wolverine, Logan and Charles’ plans for an early retirement suddenly go out the window.

Together, the unlikely trio must stave off nefarious forces in the form of Stephen Merchant’s mutant-hunting Morlock, Caliban, and Boyd Holdbrook’s cyborg, Donald Pierce, the ruthless head of security for the shadowy Transgien corporation, The whole thing is soundtracked to Johnny Cash’s crushing cover of Nine Inch Nails' "Hurt," which only adds to the emotional weight of seeing one of our most beloved superheroes in such a broken down state. In fact, everything about this trailer hints towards the fact that Logan won’t be your typical X-Men movie. Based on the absolute train wreck that was X-Men Apocalypse, that’s a very good thing.

Logan storms into theaters March 3, 2017. Watch the trailer above. And peep the red band version below, with one deliciously violent new scene.