Nobody in Hollywood appears to be working harder or having more fun (or making more money) than Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. The actor shared some new details on his character's storyline in the upcoming Fast 8 via his Instagram, and it sounds like moviegoers are going to get treated to an insane prison breakout when the latest film in the series arrives on April 14, 2017.

Honestly, who is a better hype man for his own work than Johnson? Tell me you can't feel his excitement reading what he had to say about government agent Hobbs' prison breakout.

That post came around the same time as this borderline scary video from the Furious 8 set showing a little bit of that "intensity" Johnson was talking about. It definitely feels like a throwback to his days wrestling as  "The Rock" for the WWE. 

Aside from what's shaping up to be an epic prison scene, Fast 8 seems to be coming together nicely. We know we're getting some sort Dom Toretto origin story, as teased by Vin Diesel recently, and a groundbreaking street race shot on location in Havana, Cuba.