When someone offers you a Rusty Nail, your first thought might be “I need a tetanus shot.” But thankfully, a Rusty Nail tastes MUCH better than a Rusty Trombone. (Learned that one the hard way.) And, lucky for you lazy sacks, the recipe for this classic cocktail couldn’t be simpler. It’s just two parts Scotch to one part Drambuie—you know, that alcohol you made fun of your grandma for drinking but is actually surprisingly delicious. Sorry, Nana! (R.I.P.)

Just pour the two ingredients over ice, stir, and slam it back. The only thing that’s going to get rusty is your liver!

To get Archer’s take on the Rusty Nail, check out the video above. And be sure to catch the all-new season of Archer, premiering March 31 at 10 p.m., only on FX.