Russo, a member of the U.S. House of Representatives and almost-Governor of Pennsylvania, was not exactly a likeable character. Guy had a pretty serious drinking problem (and frequently relapsed), generally valued his career over his family, and did some pretty shady shit. But who among us is without sin, amirite? Russo definitely had some demons he could have ironed out in rehab and long-term therapy, but he certainly didn’t deserve that death-by-carbon monoxide. The very reason Russo flew off the handle and effectively smeared his own campaign for governor was a direct calculation by Underwood, as was his subsequent “suicide” (read: Frank Underwood killed that man dead).

After Frank sent a hired vixen (hi, Rachel Posner) his way to booze and seduce him, Underwood carefully orchestrated his public branding and ensuing fall from grace. Feigning the concerned colleague, he crooned Russo into a post-meltdown deep sleep in the passenger seat of his own goddamn vehicle, turned on the ignition, and dipped like the snake he is as the garage door slowly closed behind him. Russo suffocated in his sleep. Bonus: Frank left Russo’s children fatherless.