Our latest cover star Chloë Grace Moretz has grown up since her Kick-Ass days when she was just 13 years old, taking down bad guys, and throwing the C-word around. Now the 19-year-old is transitioning out of her child-star days, starring as a sorority girl from hell in the upcoming Neighbors sequel. It's just one of the many upcoming projects that's positioned her as one of 2016's must-watch talents. As child actors transitioning into adulthood are wont to do, Moretz has also been the subject of a couple dating rumors lately. She's allegedly reignited sparks with her ex, Brooklyn Beckham (David Beckham's son), and more recently, she was spotted with Chance the Rapper. 

So who is Chloë going steady with, actually? No one really, she tells us. “I have no real plans,” Moretz says in our cover story. "I don’t want anything right now. I can’t handle that right now." She's about the casual dating lifestyle right now. In fact, during the interview, she was even seen exchanging numbers with one of the male models at her shoot. She also has a little tip for someone who might want to brave the rumor circuit and take her out on the town: "I want to be with someone who’s adventurous and wants to go do something. Don’t take me to Nobu and get me nigiri. I’m OK. I can take myself to Nobu. I don’t need someone to take me to Nobu." 


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