By the looks of the trailer, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice promises to be a dark, action-packed blockbuster for the ages. It’s two major superheroes fighting against one another, after all. The intense film is even getting its own rated R cut for home viewers because who would ever want to see a raunchy comic book film on the big screen?

As Batman prepares to take out a personal vendetta against Superman in theaters, the crafty folks at Wired bring you a different kind of superhero story that isn’t Deadpool. In a hilarious recut of an already released trailer, both caped heroes appear more inclined to fight their feelings rather than each other. "Now they’ve got to figure out if heroes from two different planets can get vulnerable, get real and even fall in love," the voiceover in the video says.

That love story obviously isn’t real unlike Xena, who will finally be canonically gay in the upcoming reboot series. At least someone believes love is worth fighting for. 

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