This Sunday the 88th Academy Awards will air and, barring a catastrophe soaring in from left of left field, Leonardo DiCaprio will finally get his Oscar for Best Actor. Dude has more than put in his work, with his performances in The Departed and the The Wolf of Wall Street, along with a pair of Supporting Actor robberies from What’s Eating Gilbert Grape and Django Unchained (the latter of which didn’t even secure a nomination). But let’s not straight up anoint the guy just because his time has come—let’s still remember the other side of the coin. Leo D has given us greatness for so long and has been so consistent, in both movies and tabloid news, that it’s hard to remember he has, in fact, thrown up a few bricks. In order to remind myself that Leonardo DiCaprio is human and therefore fallible, I decided to spend a weekend binge-watching Leo’s worst films. If anything, these Ls will just make Sunday’s big W that much sweeter.