What better day of the week to announce a Friday Night Lights reunion than on a Friday, y'all! 

Before I go ahead and give you all of the details about the reunion and inevitably fan out, let's make it clear we're talking about the highly underrated NBC show that premiered in 2006 and aired over five seasons and which, yes, came from the film of the same title starring Billy Bob Thornton. 

Friday Night Lights is the album TV show of the life. It followed the residents of a small football-loving town in Texas including Coach Eric Taylor (Kyle Chandler), your favorite TV dad with infinite wisdom and stubbornness who only his strong wife Tami (Connie Britton) could put him in his place, while kicking back to enjoy the "occasional" glass of wine. There was the brooding bad boy with a heart of gold Tim Riggins (Taylor Kitsch, last seen in S2 of True Detective), lovable artistic soul turned scrappy quarterback Matt Saracen, and the rest of the FNL cast.

Friday Night Lights is celebrating its 10 year anniversary in Texas, of course. The reunion will be at the ATX Television Festival (June 9-12) and although it hasn't been announced which cast members will be there Entertainment Weekly reports there will be a, "'Panther Field' meetup with a pep rally, live music, tailgating activities, and photo ops."

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