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Science loves us. We love science. The relationship, which has recently warranted some inarguably cool stuff like a possible ninth planet candidate and the crushing realization that Earth is quickly decaying, is generally one of mutual infatuation. However, for Late Show host and former presidential candidate Stephen Colbert, science may have ruined someone he considers a close pal: Spider-Man.

"The latest thing being ruined by science is Spider-Man," Colbert said on Thursday's show. "A new study from Cambridge University says that, according to their calculations, Spider-Man should not be able to climb walls." Wow. Devastating.

Adding that he wasn't questioning these scientists' qualifications because they "tried to warn us Spider-Man could not be a Broadway show," Colbert took specific aim at their apparent attempt at entirely dismantling everything we know and love about Spidey. Oddly enough, as sadly noted by Colbert, the gecko is the largest animal capable of wall climbing. 

Thanks, science. We'll expect you to make this up to us very soon with a delightful doomsday prophecy or something.