On the night before Christmas, what do you expect most mums would be doing? Prepping the Christmas Day meal? Doing some last-minute shopping for presents? Well, whatever you thoughtit was all wrong. During the holidays, mothers of the United Kingdom were united in the holy quest to decipher what the term "roadman" means.

On the Mumsnet forum (which is so self-explanatory in the name that we won't bother explaining), one concerned mother of Britain asked forum members:

What ensued was a council of mums debating what the term meant with a slew of hilariousand sometimes widely inaccuratedefinitions:

Someone needs to tell 'WeAreEternal' that there's no one on-road with the names 'Devon' or 'Antonio'.

Come on, 'furrymuff'that's just generalising!

SNM, Sammy1888. SNM.

This has got to be the best one yet!

In the end, it turned out that the original forum poster, 'Arfarfanarf', was concerned because her son's friends were referring to him as a "roadman" and she was afraid that he was getting bullied.

This is just precious, isn't it?

[via Mumsnet]