Whether you love him or hate you him, you can’t deny the massive impact Quentin Tarantino has had in film, so when he announced that he would be done with filmmaking after two more movies you can believe that it’s a pretty big deal.

The controversial director made the announcement during an interview on The Jimmy Kimmel Show where he was also promoting his upcoming film, The Hateful Eight. Speaking to Kimmel he explained that he never wanted to be the type of director who will just take on ‘whatever project came his way’, instead he wanted to finish his career with a ‘near-perfect run’. To be fair he’s totally entitled to as well, his portfolio as a director pretty much reads like 'The Greatest Movies Of All Time' list, tell us one ‘bad’ film that he has made. Can’t think of one right? That’s because he doesn’t have one, even a film like Death Proof, which Tarantino has openly disliked, is still adored by film-buffs and critics alike.

Speaking to Kimmel he said:

“If I only think that I only have two movies, well, that keeps it at the tip of the spear, if you know what I mean… That means those ones better be good and I better mean everything about them.”

One of those films could potentially be that oft-rumored third Kill Bill film, which would be odd because didn’t Beatrix Kiddo (aka The Bride) 'kill Bill' at end of the second film?

His new film The Hateful Eight, which star’s Samuel L. Jackson, Kurt Russell and Tim Roth, will hit the cinema’s next year in the UK on 8 January.

[Via Polygon]