At some point in your preadolescent life you stumbled upon a movie with a particularly enticing love scene. You most likely encountered two really attractive figures, a white man and woman with toned bodies and really nice-looking undergarments. They kissed a little and then their bodies meshed together, almost too perfectly. It was the greatest thing you had ever seen until you realized what they’re doing is not sex. Sex is messy. Sex features all different kinds of bodies. Sex is cheesy, painful, awkward, intimate, loving, aggressive, or all of these things. It can be none of them too.

While there’s always the exception (Hi, Fifty Shades of Gray), so many of 2015's films avoided the conventional. Instead they offered up love scenes that felt authentic, non-judgmental, and vulnerable—moments that simultaneously exist within themselves and reveal much about the people involved. They may not all be "hot" in the traditional I’m-going-to-bookmark-this-for-later sense, but there’s something admirable in their attempt to veer away from what’ve we come to expect of portrayals of sex in film.

Here were 8 of the best representations of sex from 2015, in alphabetical order.