After a well-publicized false start earlier this week that turned out to be the work of a hacker known as "Amped Attacks," the hacktivist group Anonymous made good on their promise to unveil information pertaining to alleged Ku Klux Klan members. Though the leak was newsworthy enough in itself, it was hard for many to not focus on the awful memes frequented by these alleged KKK members across various social media accounts. On Thursday, the 5th of November, the group's Million Mask March inspired peaceful protests all across the globe.

However, according to BBC News, the peaceful majority were briefly outweighed in London's Parliament Square by "the 1 percent who cause trouble." At least 50 arrests were made, stemming mostly from so-called "public order offenses," including three men apprehended in Trafalgar Square under suspicion of being in possession of "offensive weapons." Three police officers are said to have sustained injuries while working the march, though such injuries weren’t considered serious. Additionally, "some protesters" were given first aid and treated for various injuries on-site.

"There are people who aren't represented; they should be here," one activist tells BBC News, asserting that such events are merely isolated incidents and are unfairly trumped up by various media outlets. "The media twist it. We are peaceful, we are doing this in a peaceful manner, but the media focus on the 1% who cause trouble."

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