People have been freaking out about the synthetic drug "flakka" all year.

Some of the various things people have done while allegedly on the drug include fucking a tree and trying to stab a cop while proclaiming to be Thor; running naked down the street from imaginary dogs; mule kicking the door at a police headquarters to escape invisible pursuers; and writhing on the ground in a parking lot screaming "do you see it."

Law enforcement spokesmen have described the users as "zombies," and reported that the drug is even more common than cocaine in Miami now. 

But Flakka is apparently not just a Florida thing anymore. New York's Pix 11 reports that the city is seeing a sudden and unexpected surge in flakka use following the drug making its way to places upstate like Buffalo and Syracuse. 

The New York field office of the DEA has been battling a synthetic drug craze not seen in years and has been especially rampant in the Bronx and East Harlem.

The synthetic drug scourge has gotten so bad in New York City, that hospitals are admitting about 150 patients every week. Emergency room visits have increased tenfold, since last year.

James Hunt, Special Agent in Charge of the New York DEA field office told the station, "This is poison. No different than taking rat poison."