If there's one Hollywood romance that could be considered baffling, it was Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield. The Amazing Spider-Man director Marc Webb spoke on their chemistry back in 2010, so it wasn't surprising when their relationship was officially announced in August 2011. The thing is, something just felt off. Maybe it was just us.

Mirroring the old af comic book storyline, new reports say Emma and Andrew are officially split up and have actually been split up for months. People cited a source saying, "There was no drama, they've been apart while working. They still care about each other." That actually fits with a previous report from April saying they'd "taken a break" from each other.

While there's no doubt Emma Stone will be a-OK, there might be cause for concern for Garfield. In April he was said to have been "very in his character" as a dude in Oliver Stone's upcoming Silence, and who knows if that method acting madness got to Emma. Who knows what kind of mood he was in on the text.

We kid, but forreal, Garfield lost Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy? Someone close to him should give him a hug, assuming he isn't still "in character."

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